Best Documentary:

​"We Light the Tradition" by Robert Pansini

"City of Trees" by Lance Kramer

"Looking for a New Hope: Joe and His Life with FA" by Joseph Cantatore

"Craving Cuba, A Documentary Film" by Zuzelin Martin Lynch ​

"Go Quietly" by Candice Delevante  

"Lessons from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" by April Schneider"

It was an extraordinary honor to be twice  nominated at the 2016 Golden Door International Film Festival. And I had a great time exploring the restaurant scene in Jersey City!  

This page celebrates the nominees in each category.

Additional commentary from (anonymous) festival screening committee, May 2017:

"Informative and passionate, especially when advocating at the end that we all need to take part in democracy for it to work."

"An interesting look at the financial collapse in 2008. I don't think many understand what exactly happened and this doc does a fine job covering."

Golden Door Film Festival:

​Light It Up Blue Award:

"The Call of Love" by Wand Xin  

"Choice: Mother" by Joseph Halsey

"Standing Eight" by Antoine Allen

"Go Quietly" by Candice Delevante

"Shower of Love"​ by Matthew Smith

"If Not Now" by Lori Allred

​"Po" by John Asher

From GDIFF:  "Hi Candice, I am thrilled to hear that you enjoyed your screening and our volunteers. We loved them too. Thank you so much for being a part of the festival. I personally loved your film!"